Vaccination Clinic

We offer a full range of childhood immunizations as well as catch up protocols for children who may have been partially immunized in other countries. Our family specialists will assess your child’s immunization needs and offer advise based on international guidelines.

For those travelling abroad we offer adult and paediatric travel vaccinations .

Our immunization schedule below is designed to protect children growing up in the UAE as well as those travelling to and from other countries:

Immunization Schedule

Birth 2 months 4 months 6 months 9
12 months 13 months 24 months 3-4 yrs 10-12 yrs
Hep B Hep B Hep B Hep B
Diptheria, tetanus, pertussus (DTaP) DTaP DTaP DTaP DTaP DTaP DTaP
Polio (IPV) Polio Polio Polio IPV
Haemophillus (HIB) HIB HIB HIB HIB
Pneumococcal (PCV) PCV PCV PCV PCV
Rotavirus (by mouth) Rota Rota Rota
Meningococcal 4 (Men A/C/W/Y) Men 4 Men 4 Men 4
Hep A Hep A Hep A
Varicella (VZV) VZV VZV
HPV x 3 doses HPV x 3
Influenza Flu

6 in 1 shot includes: DTaP, IPV, HIB & Hep B

Influenza is advised annually from age 2

HPV vaccination given as 3 doses over 6 months

To make an appointment: Please contact our patient liaison team to make an appointment on +971-4-3087900