Female Executive Screen

confident-business-woman-with-her-team_is-16547750The Female Executive Screen has been designed for women of any age who wish to have a comprehensive and extensive health check. An Executive Screen is recommended every year.

This screen is ideal for those who recognise that, as they get older, they need to take better care of their health. This rigorous health screen encompasses a broad range of diagnostic assessments to measure your health status and thus help maintain a healthy lifestyle for the future.


Doctor's full assessment:

Medical history
Health & Lifestyle consultation
Medical exam:
– Body mass index
– Interpretation of abdominal girth
– Visual acuity & colour vision
– Blood pressure
– Electrocardiogram
– Spirometry
– Urianalysis
– Breast exam & Papsmear

Laboratory Investigations

Complete Blood Count
Full kidney and liver profile
Fasting Cholesterol Profile
Fasting Blood glucose
Thyroid profile
Ferritin (iron stores)
Vitamin B12 and folic acid
Uric acid
Vitamin D and magnesium
Bone profile
CA-125 marker (Ovarian cancer)

It involves a Consultation with our Senior Health Screening Doctor and Nurse for a physical examination and blood tests and it lasts for about 2 hours.

Fasting for twelve hours before your appointment time is required, you can have water only. If you are on medication, please take it in the usual way.

Upon completion of this screen our doctor will draw up a full debrief which will be discussed and given to you. It will include your test results, explanations, recommendations and any follow up the doctor will have for you.

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