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Revive and refresh tired looking skin with a Botox treatment at the Irish Medical Clinic. As we mature, we lose some of the youthful elasticity in our skin. Our collagen tissue breaks down, leaving us with unwanted lines and wrinkles which can give us a tired and fatigued looking appearance .

In addition, sun exposure, smoking and our external environment all contribute towards the degeneration of our skin. The good news is this can be rectified quite easily with a Botox treatment.

By temporarily freezing the small muscles in our face, Botox smooths and improves the appearance and feel of our skin.

Fillers (Anti-Aging Treatment)

derma fillersDerma Fillers are a great, quick solution for facial lines and wrinkles for a fraction of the cost of a face-lift.

Unlike Botox treatment which relax the muscle under the skin, Derma Fillers fill the line or wrinkle with a suitable substance recommended by our highly skilled and qualified Consultant Dermatologist. Derma Fillers can be used in a variety of areas on the face such as the lips, creases between eyebrows, marionette lines, jawline and cheeks.

You can expect your skin to look revived , refreshed and significantly more youthful after this anti-aging treatment!

Chemical Skin Peels

skin peelA chemical skin peel is an excellent way to improve the skin’s appearance. In this treatment, a chemical substance is applied to the skin by our qualified Dermatologist. The peel removes old, damaged skin, leaving smoother, newer and  less wrinkled skin in its place.

A chemical peel can reduce wrinkles and lines around the eyes and mouth, reduce the lines caused by sun damage, treat certain types of acne scarring and remove dark spots and freckles.

At the Irish Medical Clinic we have Neostrata Skin Peels and Blue Skin Peels available. Call us now for more information.

Skin Tightening

Skin tightening is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to having younger and healthier looking skin! Using Microneedle Radio Frequency, you can now have tighter and firmer skin without surgery. This procedure is the ideal solution for aging, sagging skin with pigmentation, wrinkles and laxity.

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Mole Excision

Mole Excision 

moleWhether it be for cosmetic or clinical reasons, the Irish Medical Clinic can remove any unwanted or dangerous moles. A black, changing or bleeding mole should not be ignored as these are the signs of melanoma.

If you simply feel your mole is unsightly our Consultant Dermatologist can discuss various options for removal. This will depend on the type and location of the mole. Please call us for further information

Freckles and Blemishes

freckAt the Irish Medical Clinic, we have various different treatments available for the reduction of freckles and blemishes. Whether it is a chemical skin peel or Microneedle Radio Frequency treatment, our Consultant Dermatologist will be able to advise you on the best procedure to have.

Please call us now to book an appointment or speak to one of our medical team.

Open Pores Treatment

poresOpen pores are a very common complaint amongst both adults and teenagers. Although they are quite harmless, if left untreated they can form into large spots which can lead to scarring on the skin. As our skin matures and loses elasticity , collagen production slows down.  This increases pore size, as the walls of the pores droop and widen.

The Microneedle Radio Frequency treatment at the Irish Medical Clinic is ideal for combating these unsightly pores and can help rejuvenate and smoothen the appearance of your skin.

Please contact us for more information

Acne Scar Treatment

Scarring from acne can be both emotionally and physically distressing. You finally got your acne under control and now you have to deal with the unfortunate aftermath of acne scarring.  When the scars are deep, sometimes creams and ointments do not work and it is advisable to contact a qualified dermatologist to discuss your options.

The good news is Microneedle Radio Frequency treatment (MRF) has proven to be an excellent way to reduce the appearance of acne scars.  The MRF treatment at the Irish Medical Clinic works by delivering a 3-dimensional energy deep into the skin tissue. This encourages the regrowth of renewal of your skin tissue.

We recommend you have 5 sessions of the MRF treatment to treat acne scarring. Please call us now for more information.

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Stretch Marks Treatment

smStretch marks are caused by the distension of skin from weight gain/loss and pregnancy. The most common areas to be affected are the stomach, thighs, arms and breast area. The Microneedle Radio Frequency treatment at the Irish Medical Clinic is ideal for reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

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Clinical Dermatology Services



Full Body Mole Mapping

sunSkin cancer is an ever increasing problem throughout the world and especially is sunny countries such as the U.A.E. People are now inclined to spend more time in the sun than ever when on vacation or partaking in outdoors activities. Continued or occasional exposure to the sun in early life can be particularly dangerous and can result in malignant melanoma – the most serious type of skin cancer. Unfortunately it is not only sun exposure that can affect your chances of skin cancer. Genetics and skin type also add to the likelihood of skin damage.

The Good News

Thankfully skin cancer is curable if discovered and treated early by a Dermatologist. Early detection is the most effective way of combating malignant melanoma. With the new advanced technology now available in the Irish Medical Clinic, we can help you to keep a watchful eye on your skin by means of a special screening procedure called Mole Mapping for any worrying moles or lesions.

What’s involved?

Mole Mapping involves the examination and screening of any suspicious moles or lesions through digitally imaging them to access their specific structural features. The key to early detection is to monitor moles for any changes in shape, size or colour: Mole Mapping provides a baseline reference for tracking moles by documenting the entire surface of a patient’s skin photographically. This means that no unnecessary surgery will be avoided.

If you have had exposure to the sun or use tanning salons, you should consider skin health assessments as part of your regular health checks.


birthmarkHemangiomas (or more commonly known as birthmarks) are benign stem cell tumors which occurs in infants. Although they can be found anywhere on the body, Hemangiomas are most commonly found  on the head and neck, including areas around the mouth, eyes, tip of the nose and cheek.

There are several treatment options for Hemangiomas and it is advisable to  discuss your options of treatment with a qualified dermatologist. Please call us now for more information.

Hyperhidrosis/Excessive Sweating Treatment

armpitHyperhidrosis  happens when a person sweats more than is necessary. This excessive sweating can interfere with daily life and can sometimes cause infection due the constant wet/damp skin. The uncontrollable sweating can lead to significant discomfort, both physical and emotional.

If you find yourself experiencing the symptoms above, we advise that you make an appointment with our Consultant Dermatologist who will discuss some treatment options with you.


Cryotherapy is a treatment in which skin lesions are frozen. It is done using a cotton swab that has been dipped into liquid nitrogen and applied directly to the skin lesion. It is ideal for the removal of warts , however patients may need to be treated more than once.

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