Nadine Du Toit – My health screening experience!

Good Health. Not the sexiest subject to talk about, but unimaginable to live without it! – Nadine du Toit (You can quote me one day when my healthy years has come to an end…;)) -VH6A8881Have you ever made it a priority to do a full health screening? If your answer is no then you are not alone, because in my (oh, so short) 36 years on this earth I was in the same ward as you (pun fully intended!) until a few weeks ago.

The Irish Medical Clinic recently opened their cozy, family orientated yet modern state of the art medical facility here in Dubai and has invited me to experience their Women’s Wellness Executive Health Screen. I decided to face my ignorance, fear and not-making-it-a-priority-because-I-feel-mostly-healthy-attitude to do a full physical, blood work and girlie checkup and scheduled an appointment with The Irish Medical Clinic in the month of October. So fitting, as women’s health is in the spotlight during October, which also is global breast cancer awareness month.

3 Things that impressed me about The Irish Medical Clinic (Just in case you are a blog skimmer and need to read the most important bits, this is it!)

1.The Executive Health Screen at The Irish Medical Clinic costs AED 2800 and I was absolutely amazed that this includes a comprehensive blood test and laboratory investigation. My experience with blood tests in Dubai is that the blood test on itǯs own is normally far more expensive than the whole Executive Health Screen.

2.Visiting The Irish Medical Clinic felt like the family clinic in my hometown where I grew up as a child, friendly and cozy and you donǯt get lost in a maze of clinical medical examination rooms. The staff calls you by name and you see the same doctor every time you visit. You feel like you are treated as a person and not just another number that is in need of medical attention.

3.It was really easy to find The Irish Medical clinic as it is on the corner of the prominent Al Manara and Al Wasl road. Parking is available too! On the every changing landscape and busy roads of Dubai, these factors does make a difference and adds to the absolutely pleasant encounter that had with the staff of The Irish Medical Clinic. The Executive Health Screen included the following:

  • Breast Exam (For men it will be a testicular exam) -Pap Smear
  • Full blood work and laboratory investigation (See details below)
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Spirometry
  • Urinalysis
  • Blood pressure
  • Interpretation of abdominal girth
  • Consultation with the family medical specialist
  • A Full health consultation with a comprehensive current and health history questionnaire.

In all honesty, even though all of the above sounds quite daunting it was the most pleasant experience that I’ve had with clinics or hospitals. (And I’m quite experienced, as I’ve spent many childhood weeks inside hospital wards, from being run over by a fruit delivery truck at age 4 to severe bronchitis episodes that would see me in hospital for days at a time.)

Here is a little breakdown of my experience with The Irish Medical Clinic and what you can expect when you schedule an appointment for your Executive Health Screen!

A Few Days Before -Received an email from The Irish Medical Clinic, which includes the Medical History and Profile Questionnaire to fill out and return as well as a comprehensive information pamphlet. Filling out the questionnaires in advance streamlined my visit and eliminated that rushed feeling after you arrive at a new medical facility.

The Day Before -Received an email to friendly remind me of my appointment the next day as well as a reminder that I had to fast (no food or liquids other than water) for 12 hours before the appointment as the blood tests requires the body in a fasted state. *Tip: Schedule your appointment first thing in the morning so that the fasting bit happens over night and is not too hard at all.

The Day of the Executive Health Screen at The Irish Medical Clinic Just a quickie in case you only read this line! The whole comprehensive screening didn’t take longer than 90 minutes and it included a continental breakfast!Pre Breakfast: -The location of The Irish Medical Clinic was refreshingly easy to find in busy Dubai, on the corner of Al Manara and Al Wasl road. Parking was not a hassle at all.-I was welcomed by the friendly front of house staff at this beautiful, modern villa and immediately felt at home when I heard the pleasant rolling Irish accents. What they say about the Irish is true!

After briefly completing the administrative formalities the friendly nurses took me through to the examination room where we started the largest part of the Executive Health Screen.-I was weighed and measured, oxymeter and blood pressure readings were taken and I also had to submit a urine sample. (Oh the fun!). -I was impressed by their proficiency, accuracy and measured speed, ESPECIALLY when the needle had to find my vein for my generous donation for the blood tests! (This reminds me to write a blog post on Dz5 ways to distract yourself while a giant’s needle wants to feed on our blooddz…;))-

The most exciting par
t of the examination was the electrocardiogram! I felt like I was in a medical drama series while the nurses stuck the patches all over my body with wires criss-crossing each other to measure and create a report of my heart rhythm reading!


Breakfast: -I didn’t expect to receive a lovely continental breakfast with a cup of tea (I actually forgot that this was a part of the questionnaire) and thought that it was so thoughtful as the blood test had to be done in a fasted state. It was just another part of the service that exceeded my expectation!

Post Breakfast: -I was introduced to Dr Velizarova who facilitated the medical consultation, breast examination and pap smear. -I felt that I was in experienced hands and her warm and caring demeanor made me feel well at home. It was easy to share my concerns and ask questions that I might have especially regarding a few suspect moles on my skin. -We swiftly completed the standard physical examination as well as the breast examination and pap smear and although it’s not a girl’s favorite experience, Dr Velizarova completed the examination in no time and I felt comfortable throughout the whole consultation.

We ended my appointment in a quick tour around the pristine and modern decorated examination rooms of the clinic and most of the staff and doctors greeted us in their pleasant Irish accents when they walked by. -Dr Velizariva promised to send the results and report of the full Executive Health Screen within a week, which she did and I’ll share my results in a short follow up blog post.


I didn’t expect to leave The Irish Medical Clinic with so much energy and feeling like I had a visit with caring relatives who are genuinely interested and concerned for my well-being. I can absolutely recommend anyone of my friends to visit The Irish Medical Visit for any kind of general health consultation. In fact,this will be my new family practice (if they will have me) and I know I’m in safe, medical hands that I can trust.